Friday, February 10, 2012


What a month it has been!!!!  Got home from the shack on the Friday after having the 6 Grand-children for a holiday and poor Montana had the Gastro bug that was going around, little darling.....and that started it....I got a phone call at 2.30 am Sunday morning from Hayley, she had started vomiting and had to go to the hospital could I come around and watch Montana...the vomiting had bought the baby on and as she couldn't have it naturally, she was rushed into theatre to have an emergency C on Sunday morning.....  I am bless with a beautiful baby boy!!!  He is totally totally gorgeous!!  DARBY JACKSON TOOLE....So that makes it 8 darling grand-children now.

Anyway, Mark (Hayley's husband) got the bug on Monday...I got it on Tuesday..and my hubby got it on the Wednesday and poor Montana still had it!  We all couldn't go to the hospital so we didn't pass the bug on and poor Hayley couldn't have was one heck of a week!!! But all good now, with Hayley and bubs doing well.

Soooo, back to my scrapbooking which I haven't posted for awhile so here goes!!.....
These are all layouts I have done for the DT at Nuts About Sketches love love Shawn's sketches!
Wow, just checked back it's been Oct since I last updated any layouts!!  Where did the time go????

Here is this weeks sketch...199 Darling Cooper out on Hayley's farm back in 2004

Next sketch 198..My Mum with Travis's 3 children
Sketch 197...Christmas 2005..I have had these photos in an album for years, glad to scrap them!
Sketch 196...Tom's 12th Birthday.. he's growing into a handsome and wonderfully thoughful boy
Sketch 195..Hayley's 29th Birthday. Look at Montana isn't she the most gorgeous little cherub!!
Sketch 194...Cooper again on the beach.
Sketch 193...Cooper again..LOL  He's ALL BOY!!
sketch 192...Montana playing my Mum's old piano, she loved it!!
sketch 190...Cooper again...being his cheeky self!
sketch 189...Sweet darling Ebbony when she cut her face.
sketch 188..Hayley, Montana and Mark at the Kadina Family day footy.
sketch 187...Montana watering Daddy's garden.
sketch 186..I don't realise how many pages I do of Cooper!! Here he is dancing in the puddles-he had a ball this day running, jumping, rolling and sitting in the puddles!

 Sketch darling Cooper on the beach at Black Point years ago.

Well if you have come this far thank you for looking, sorry it was such a long post, will definately be updating weekly from now on!!!

Have a great day



Soonymary said...

congrats on your DT appointments! I always love seeing your LO's!!

Polly said...
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Polly said...

Oops! I made a mistake on my first comment and deleted it. What I wanted to say was:
All your layouts are so beautiful! Especially the one titled "Puddle Dancer!" :)