Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's been a busy month..

September has been and gone and now October is here and nearly over....where does the time go!!!  Someone asked me today if I have finished my Christmas shopping.....WHAT!!!  Haven't started, there's still plenty of time...isn't there??  
It's been a busy month..... had all my top teeth out and new plate put straight back in!!  Wow, was I bruised and swollen, looked like i had been 10 rounds with Mick Tyson!!  LOL  Once the swelling in the gums goes down and I have my plate refitted, I think it will be fine, now I just have to put up with all the sore spots from the rubbing!

Plus I have been babysitting my darling little Grand-daughter Montana most she is such a gorgeous little girl!!  I love her so much! Plus school holidays!!

Anyhow on to the scrapping.... here is what I got done inbetween everything!  Sketch 180 over at Nuts About Sketches was a double layout with lots of photos...loved it!

Week 181

Week 182

Alot of photos of the grandies enjoying the beach.


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