Sunday, January 2, 2011

I think it's about time....... update this blog, don't you think!!?!  Been very slack in this department...but my New Year's resolution is  TRY  no... will continue to update at least once a week!  Been very busy teaching scrapbooking and card classes, baby sitting my darling grandchildren and generally just trying to keep up with this busy life.

I had a great Christmas with my family, unfortunately Russ & Susie were in America but hope to catch up with them in the New Year.  Made my New Years resolutions and I AM going to keep them up, I am very determined to do it this year!!

Well, not much on the scrapping side of things...the only pages I have done are my DT layouts for Nuts about Sketches.  Been busy making cards for my classes, glad Christmas is over, a little sick of christmas cards!

Here are my pages for  Nuts about Sketches:- Starting with this weeks sketch 141....
Tom playing in his Basketball Grandfinal, unfortunately they lost but he won Runner up Best & Fairest for the Association and won Best & Fairest for his home team Owen.  Well done Tom, congratulations.

Week 140....this is my darling youngest grand-daughter Montana, she is the cutest little girl, just love her to bits!!!

Next is week of Emily & Abby enjoying the waves at Wallaroo, the sun was setting and it looked beautiful with the girls running through the waves and splashing, it looked like they were running in fire!

Week 138.... Cooper trying to get me on the swing.  The swing he is on belonged to his great grand father and when Travis was born he sanded and painted it and gave it to him and here is Cooper many years later swinging on the same swing,  Hopefully he can hand it down to his own children.

Week 137....Cooper again having so much fun in a few little puddles of water in the back yard of the Dublin Hotel where we lived. Isn't he a cutie!!

Week 136...Cooper again, I'm going through my multiple albums of printed photos that I had printed years ago trying to get them scrapped.  That's what I love about Shawn's sketches, I can get so many photos on my layouts.  Here he is trying to get Tom's Ninja Turtle costume on, he was unaware of me taking the photos, he was in his own world, it looked so funny.

Week 135...Abby celebrating Great Granny Peter's 79th birthday.  We all went to the Kadina Hotel for dinner where Granny & myself celebrated our birthdays, she turned 79 on the 25.1.2010 and I turned 56 on the 19.1.2010. 

Gee are you still with me!!  I didn't realise I was soooo far behind.
Well here is Week 134....Emily giving Cooper a ride on the motorbike....the helmet was so heavy for Cooper's little head he nearly fell off the back of the bike but he held on tight, thank goodness!  Emily couldn't hear us yell at her to stop.

Week 133....Mickayla at footy with their new puppy, Roxy.

Week 132, I think this is the last one!  Trudi, Mickayla, Ebbony & Cooper and myself with Emily, Tom & Abby went to the Edithburg swimming pool and had a great time.  Here is Tom with the water pistol thingy, he wouldn't have dared (I don't think so!!)

Well that's it for now, will update tomorrow when Week 142 is uploaded to Nuts about Sketches the first sketch for January, why don't you try one of the sketches, would love to see them.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and great 2011.


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