Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm here at our shack staying with 6 grand-children during the school holidays. Weather not the best for the beach but we are still enjoying ourselves, the kids don't seem to feel the cold, they are still going out in the canoes and swimming. Here they are sitting on the decking in front of the shack getting their easter presents and eggs from Nanny & Poppy.

Bought a new laptop and I am trying to sort this blogger out, having heaps of trouble trying to adjust the header and adding all the bits and pieces to the sidebar. I'll get there but it might take a bit of time, I'm not the best at these things!
Here are a few photos of the kids swimming and paddling in the canoes, it really is beautiful here, the sunrises are spectacular, the header is a photo I took the other morning of the sunrising over the sea.
Here are my 7 darling grand-children, all sunkissed with salty and wind blown hair, aren't they just adorable, I'm not bias at all!! Little Montana is our newest addition born on the 7th March 2010.

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fmunzer said...

little montana looks so cute she so chubby.